Senior DevOps Engineer

Job description

Your primary focus is solving problems and addressing development needs that enable the engineering team to build & deploy the most powerful messaging platform for offline businesses.

Our ideal Senior DevOps Engineer will be responsible for automating all manual tasks for developing and deploying code and data; implementing continuous deployment and continuous integration frameworks; maintaining high availability of production and non-production work environments, and you will have an essential role integrating the project functions and resources across the product life cycle: planning, building, testing, deployment and support.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Identifying, creating and implementing software deployment strategies and data storage methods (e.g. clustering) ensuring successful deployment and peak performance.

  • Creating solutions for managing a vast number of documents in real-time, enabling quick search and analysis; identifying issues in the production phase and system, and implementing monitoring solutions to overcome those issues.

  • Owning and aligning yourself with accustomed and prevailing industry trends and best practices; conducting research, testing and executing new, reusable techniques that enhance software development projects.

  • Designing, building, and optimizing automation systems that help execute business web and data infrastructure platforms.

  • Developing self-service solutions for the engineering team deliver first-class software with exceptional quality and top-notch speed; designing and developing scaling strategies, automation scripts, and solutions to implement, streamline, and execute the software.

  • Involved in creating technology infrastructure, automation tools, and maintaining configuration management; in addition, conducting training sessions demonstrating quality process builds wherein dependencies are showcased in the code. Ownership of the architecture and technical leadership of the complete DevOps infrastructure.

  • Managing the development of continuous integration and deployment solutions across various sites.

  • Assisting members of the engineering team that utilize various tools/technologies (AWS, MYSQL, MongoDB, Scala, React, and so-on) and training development department personnel on reusable tools and patterns.

Job requirements

  • Minimum 5 years of production experience as a DevOps Engineer and ample experience in the same domain.

  • Must possess ample knowledge and experience in system automation, deployment, and implementation.

  • Experience using Linux, Docker, Kubernetes and ample experience in configuring and automating monitoring tools.

  • Should possess software development¬†experience with the following (or similar) tools: GoLang, MongoDB, AWS, Shell scripting, and Git.

  • Demonstrate knowledge handling distributed data systems (e.g. ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Kafka, and others).