Senior Back End Engineer

Job description

Who we are: 

Hatch is on a mission, to empower local businesses to increase their revenue through meaningful conversations. We combine text, chat, voice and other channels with powerful automation workflows - in one single platform. We are a Y-combinator backed company that has just raised our Series A, growing 10% MoM and looking for amazing people to help us continue our growth.


  • Building and scaling our applications
  • Architecting solutions
  • Mentoring other engineers

Our Stack

  • Golang (legacy)
  • MongoDB
  • AWS/k8s
  • Elixir/Phoenix (new stack)
  • Postgres
  • Elasticsearch
  • RabbitMQ

Product & Engineering Values


We optimize our code, architecture, and the way we work for maintainability and clarity. Standards and patterns provide a foundation to iterate quickly and build scalable software.

Why? 80% of our time is maintaining and reading existing code, so let’s make choices that simplify that experience for everyone.

Quality is a Feature

We don’t apologize for investing in reliability and performance. Customers select us because quality is our competitive advantage.

Why? Crap software is…well crap. We don’t want to use it and we don’t want to build it. It’s also a drain on productivity and fun.


Never too busy to help. Always fostering a culture of psychological safety for everyone.

Why? People are what make us great. Optimize for connections between people, not computers.

It’s about the Customer

Customers are why we do what we do. We get to know them and connect with them often. We feel their pain whenever they encounter a bug.

Why? We want to build the right things, we can only do that if we focus on our customers.

Job requirements

  • This is a remote position.
  • Number of years doesn't define seniority, but we hope you've been doing this long enough and made enough mistakes along the way to recognize how to build quality software with us. 
  • Experience developing high performance distributed systems.
  • Experience debugging and scaling applications.
  • Experience building SaaS applications.