Revenue Operations Specialist

Job description

Revenue Operations Manager will do the following: 

  • Identify opportunities to drive revenue, such as go-to-market strategies, tactics to streamline the customer lifecycle, and potential sales process improvements
  • Lead and enable our revenue teams: Product, Marketing, Sales and CS.
  • Work cross-functionally with customer success, sales, business operations, finance, product, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to share insights and centralize information
  • Oversee systems and data administration and recommend tools to improve data quality, analysis, and reporting
  • Manage dashboards and build revenue forecasts so teams can easily understand business health and meet goals
  • Partner with leadership to strategize, operationalize, and analyze the impact of business initiatives

Job requirements

  • 4-5 years in Revenue Operations at a SaaS company
  • Strong Collaboration Skills -  Proven experience acting as a liaison between a variety of departments and stakeholders.
  • Analytical skills: Ability to track metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), analyze them, and turn them into actionable strategies.
  • Presentation skills: Must be able to present and share data in a polished, meaningful way, whether it’s a quick email, in-depth report, or presentation deck. Must communicate it in a clear, engaging manner.
  • Relationship-building: Cross-functionally build trust with other departments and create relationships — a RevOps manager will be working with everyone in the organization.

Technology Skills

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Have a deep knowledge of CRM software and the administration of them, including Salesforce, HubSpot, and other major platforms; a Salesforce certification is helpful but not required.
  • Microsoft Excel: Be familiar with using Excel to assess, manipulate, and analyze data. (No matter how sophisticated or comprehensive a company’s data management software is, Excel will likely be used at some point.)
  • Demonstrate competency with:
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
    • Sales Enablement software
    • Sales velocity tools like HubSpot, SalesLoft, Outreach, Groove, etc
    • Sales Intelligence/Business Intelligence (BI) software
    • Marketing Automation software